Savannah Walking Tour

Walk Through History

Historic Savannah by Foot walks you through history, strolling into Savannah’s past.  Going by foot is the best place to begin your journey.  You will experience the beauty and charm of our city as you learn the history of Savannah and walk where the founding fathers did.  Whether you prefer a private Savannah walking tour  just for your party or a public tour with others, you are sure to enjoy the southern history in a tour that is uniquely Savannah.  This is a walking tour you want on your top 10 things to do while visiting the city.TripAdvisor2014WinnerHistoricSavannahByFoot

Since 1733, Savannah has been known for her charm and hospitality.  She heralds the distinction of being the most well planned city in the United States, thanks to General James Edward Oglethorpe, who designed the city plan.  On February 12, 1733, 112 colonists founded the last of the original thirteen colonies.  Through good times and bad, Savannah has remained beautiful.

Savannah Walking Tour

Come walk her cobblestone streets, stroll her squares, and enjoy the whispering beauty and southern hospitality, as you journey back in time with your tour guide, Jack C. Wray.



Things to do in Savannah:  Guided Walking Tour 


The Civil War - Learn How Savannah Was Spared

The City of Savannah was presented as a Christmas present to President Abraham Lincoln by William T. Sherman in 1864.  How was destruction by fire avoided?  Find out in the Civil War Tour.

Colonial Savannah

Oglethorpe and the first band of colonists arrived at Yamacraw Bluff, the site of present-day Savannah, on February 12, 1733. Walk through the streets where it all happened in the Colonial Tour.

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